Wii Sports – Tennis

When Nintendo Wii first came out a series of simple games was released at first. One of those simple games that was released was will sports. There is a lot of different sports to choose from. From baseball to bowling, there is something there for everyone. I have tried them all and the one that stood out to me the most was Wii tennis.

Wii tennis is by far my favorite game in the Wii sports series. I can safely say it is also one of my favorite Wii games of all time as well. The concept of the game is very simple. Basically you just hit the tennis ball when it comes near you. The whole point of it is to make your opponent miss the ball or make them hit it out of bounds. It is the same concept as real tennis.

Although this game is very simple on the surface there is a good amount of strategy that goes into it. Firstly your serves need to be timed well in order to get the “power serve”. A power serve is more likely to throw off your opponent. Also when your hitting in general you need to do it smoothly in order to keep the ball in bounds. One clumsy swing and your opponent gets an easy point. Once you learn that then there is special swinging maneuvers to make the ball have spin on it. It can be a long learning process to become really good.

Wii tennis is great to play for anyone. The game is very easy to pick and start playing. I highly recommend you try this game if you have a Wii

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